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Repercussions:A visual novel

My first visual novel

Here's my first visual novel entitled "Repercussions."
You can download it from here:

For those of you who are hearing the term "Visual Novel" for the first time, check the help section in the main menu of the game.
I hope you enjoy the game.
My e-mail and the comment box are always open for any feedback-positive or negative-,suggestions, advice or problems. 
Do provide a feedback. It'll help me to improve your "Visual Novel Experience".

P.S. "When you click the link given above, a message "Google can't scan this file for viruses." may appear.
Don't be afraid of any virus entering your PC. Still, to be on the safe side, you can scan the file after downloading it and once again after extracting it if you really suspect me of having intentions to infect your PC with viruses. :P Anyhow, enjoy the game.


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